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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Make your Potty Training a Day Enjoyable

If you will take a look you will find out that teaching your child to use the potty is a common problem of some parents. The reason behind this is that they use complicated methods in their training. You will not experience some problem in potty training your child if you are both willing to do the training. You can have the good results for your potty training a day if you will ensure that there are no disturbances that will attract the attention of your child while you are teaching him.

The best plan to make potty training fun is to explain to your child that using the potty is good and he will be considered a big kid if he will learn to do it. You should know that potty training cannot be learned in just a snap of your finger and your child must be willing to learn so you should spend enough time for your child to learn it. Despite the fact that potty training a day
does not need to be stressful, you should be understanding enough if your child has accidents on the floor or on his underwear because learning it is not like a magic in which you can see the result at once.

There is a lot of preparation that should be done before you potty train your child and after that you should continue teaching him until the time that he can do it on his own without your supervision. You should show him that you are patient, cheerful and kind so that your child will be encouraged to learn what you are teaching. You can prepare your child to take away his diaper and wear underwear instead if you will do it in simple ways and while you are currently teaching him, you should build his confidence that he will learn it faster.

The first thing that you should do is to let your child to wet using the potty everytime he wakes up in the morning. Instead of yelling at him everytime he forgets to go to the potty, you should encourage him to use wet in the potty and not on the floor. In the end after your hard work, you child will build his memory muscle that will help him to learn everything.

Potty training a day will make your child to be on his own the easiest way possible.

Next is to teach your child to put his pants up and down. Most of the children like to be independent at the age of 2 and so you should take this as an advantage to teach your child. While you are dressing and undressing him you should teach him the proper way to put his pants up and down. If he has learned it then you can let him do it on his own.

Potty Training in one day created a fun and easy way for you and your child for hom to potty on his own.

Make him say some words which you can use as an indication that he needs to go to the toilet. You should show him that what he is doing is good. Never get angry if he commits mistake because you will cause trauma to the child. You must prove to him that you are still proud of him although he often forgets what you are teaching him.

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How to choose the perfect stroller

Before buying a stroller there are certain aspects you have to consider. Make yourself a favor and take some time before buying one so you don’t find yourself in the position of owning a stroller that doesn't fit your needs.

Your main concern should be your baby’s confort and safety but don’t neglect the fact that a stroller should be suitable for your all day needs as a parent.

For a newborn you have to decide whether you want a pram, a car-seat frame, a travel system or a convertible stroller .

As a newborn needs to lie down for the first 4-5 month of its life a pram seems to be the perfect solution because it’s bassinet-like sleeping space, but after the baby can sit up you’ll need a new stroller. A pram can be also quite large and expensive.

A low-cost alternative can be the car seat frame that allows you to snap your infant car seat right on top. This foldable and lightweight frame can be easily stored in the truk

of your car. However after the baby outgrows the infant car seat you’ll have to buy a new stroller.

The travel system could seem as the perfect solution for a stroller. It can be used from birth till the baby is 3 years old. This type of stroller allows you to keep the car seat on the stroller until your baby is old enough to sit up, and then remove it and seat your baby in the stroller itself. However it can be that this system is quite heavy and not so easy to fold and shove in the car truck.

If you want to leave the car seat out of the equation you might consider a convertible stroller as it can be your companion from the first days of your child’s life till he is in the toddler stage. The seat of a convertible stroller can be folded back so your newborn can ride flat but as the baby grows you can fold it up and so he can also sit upright.

If you are looking for a stroller for a baby that can sit upright you might consider a lightweight stroller, a jogger or a standard stroller depending on your all day needs.

A lightweight stroller has the advantage to be extremely light and easy to be folded an stuck in the truk. It has most of the features as a standard stroller, such as reclining seats, storage baskets or sun shades, but they are not that stabile. A bumpier road may call for a jogger, a stroller that isn’t as light or easy to fold and stuck in the truk, but it comes with an all-terrain suspension systems, sturdy tires, sleek frames, hand-grip brakes and a larger seat.

In between those types of strollers comes the standard stroller, a larger and heavier than a lightweight strollers, but with a roomier seats, larger wheels and more storage space. Most standard strollers can be easily folded and are more stabile.

Whichever type of stroller you chose you have to look up certain features like: stability, harness (five-point harness is best), height of the handles (adjustable handle heights might be a plus), folding type and size (in order to be able to shove it into your truk).

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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Baby Safety Gadgets Are Must To Allay Your Fears

Babies are babies! You cannot reprimand them for getting into odd situations, definitely not until they are of understandable age. It is true that it’s not easy for you to keep watch on their movements every now and then. But this makes you overtly concerned for your child at times. Even when your child is with you like in public places, he or she may miss out creating a critical situation for you. No wonder more than kids furniture and kids bedding, parents today are buying safety gadgets to save their kids from unfortunate circumstances.

Amber Alert GPS is one such system that will help you trace your child wherever he is. Oh, how wonderful, isn’t it? This is an amazing technologically advanced weapon that is so tiny that can be slipped into your child’s pocket or belt. This will help you know the whereabouts of your child. The gadget gives you exact map and description of your child’s location. If your kid is at school, your cell phone will receive the details of your child’s whereabouts.

Why Amber Alert GPS is better than many other Kids’ safety gadgets?

(1) It is the most powerful GPS tracking device that is very small to be kept in your child’s pocket.

(2) If your phone is web-enabled, you can see right in your cell phone. If not, you can track your child’s location on your computer.

(3) Most of the other well known gadgets have narrow range and are also many problems with their timely signals.

(4) Amber Alert GPS is designed in user-friendly manner and has real time tracking features.

(5) SOS feature: This is one the most useful features. When you child is of an understandable age and falls prey to some kind of serious situation or threat, he can press the SOS button. This will immediately send a “Help me” signal to you and five other people you have entrusted to. Whether your child is missed somewhere, suffers from any harassment or is abducted, this feature can be of huge help to know parents where is he and emergency steps can be taken to avert any danger.

(6) Speed alert: For your troublesome teenagers, if you can skip this gadget into their purse, you will come to know when they exceed their seed on bikes!

(7) Temperature alert: When there is fear of leaving children by nannies in hot cars, this feature may be of great help. When the optimal set temperature exceeds or is lowered, you get a signal.

(8) Moreover, on purchasing this wonderful device, you also get $50 off kids coupon and an e-book titled “The 4 biggest mistakes parents make that put their children at risk”.

Well, looking at the number of new gadgets pouring in market every other day, it is obvious for people to get confused. However, keep your head o shoulders and do little online research before you finalize your decision. It’s the question of your Kids’ safety and one cautious step of buying quality safety gadget can go long way in giving you peaceful nights!

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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Pediatrician

Studies define pediatricians as doctors with three years of supervised training where they acquire skills to treat a broad range of afflictions from basic childhood illness to the most serious of diseases. In special cases, some pediatricians have fields of further expertise like caring for newborn infants, cardiology for children or other related and special predicaments. A regular pediatrician could even recommend another pediatrician specializes in a medical study regarding your child’s illness.

There are essential questions to ask in choosing a pediatrician. Basically, parents should consider where and when to start looking for a pediatrician. Don’t wait for your baby to come out of this world to start looking for a pediatrician do it in the final months of pregnancy. When choosing a pediatrician, a good place to start is by asking your trusted friends for a recommendation. Likewise, ask your friends why they recommend and how long have they been with that doctor. Parents should be you should be completely comfortable with your baby’s pediatrician. Most
importantly, a doctor’s experience, expertise and credibility should be the first query parents should seek for.

Ask if the doctor has more than one office; having more than one means more convenience and accessibility for patients to find them. Inquire where the pediatrician spends most of their time and how they manage it.

In the doctor’s office, look around and see if it is clean; is there a separate waiting area for “sick” and “well” kids? Clinics which cater for both types of kids are more prone to contagious sickness and ailments. Sanitation should always come first.

In choosing a pediatrician, you should also consider the people working with them. Are the doctor’s staffs friendly and accommodating? Parents should regularly deal with the pediatrician’s staff thus it is important that they listen to parent’s concerns and questions. Look for doctors who can provide accommodation and appointments if you need them the most.

Determine if what doctor you want, a male or a female doctor? Studies show that as kids grow older, they tend to prefer doctors of the same sex.

Furthermore, do you want an old or a young doctor? Experience is an old doctor’s asset but they may be retired before your child grows old; some were fixated in their ways and would not welcome new trends and technology. Young doctors on the other hand may be open to medical advancements and behavioral studies, but they lack the experience that older doctors have.

In considering a pediatrician, subordinating questions to further earn your confidence and trust may be explored more. Does the pediatrician rack up your bills by over treating your child even for simple ailments? Is your pediatrician not okay with the notion of a second opinion? Is the pediatrician making you uncomfortable or even foolish when you want additional and detailed information about your child? With the doctor’s staff, does he or she make you feel uncomfortable during emergencies or even for simple call of concerns? Is the pediatrician unwilling to take your concerns and opinions?

The initial stage of your baby’s growth is a vital period, thus choosing a co-journeyer in caring for your child is a very salient endeavor to take.

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